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For Students:
  • Important self-knowledge gained
  • Strengths and weaknesses in learning revealed
  • Self-esteem improved
  • Study skills enhanced
  • Misunderstandings with teachers and parents prevented
  • Liberated to study "your way"
  • A personalised report aimed at the student
For Teachers:
  • Accurate picture of classroom diversity
  • Clear grasp of individual students' biological learning needs
  • Reasons for underachievement exposed
  • True needs of slow learners and 'gifted' students revealed
  • Communication with students and parents improved
  • Group work more successful
  • Team spirit enhanced
  • Student/teacher interaction improved
  • Better time management
  • Less stress - day-to-day and in one-off situations
  • Better results and more job satisfaction
  • A personalised report aimed at the teacher
For Parents:
  • Understand your children's learning needs
  • Identify reasons for underachievement
  • Remove barriers to your child's full learning potential
  • A personalised report aimed at the parents


What people say about our products.

"If we hadnít done the LSA, the teacher probably would have done things the way he does it, but now that he knows how we are, he does it how we learn best." A student. Read More...