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  • Did you know... the light in your office can make you sick?
  • At last! Decrease stress, increase productivity through self knowledge.
  • Discover everything there is to know about how you can work best under pressure.
Working Style Analysis


  • A MUST-KNOW for all teachers: 48 elements that affect students' behaviour class.
  • New ways to improve discipline and increase academic achievement through Learning Styles.
  • Hyperactive, stressed or sleepy students: are the classroom lights to blame?
Teaching Style Analysis


  • Is homework a pain? Your child’s room a battle field?
  • Wrong light, wrong room, wrong time, wrong reasons - read all about it.
  • Learning Style: what you don't know about your child's learning potential.
Learning Style Analysis
26/10/2014 - Fun Fact: Did You Know? Not sure where to begin? Take a tour

Creating ‘The School of the Future’ based on Learning Styles and Diversity

(based on Learning Styles and Diversity)For any change in education, if it is to be successful, there must be the following three vital ingredients:          1.                 A Basic Philosophy: based on the notion that students possess unique learning styles and teachers must adopt a new view of education in general and apply new teaching strategies.