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LSA-Senior Complete

LSA Senior - Benefits

We recommend buying the edition that contains the Parent and Teacher reports, because they contain important information such as:

  • Is the student gifted?
  • Is the student underachieving academically?
  • Is the student safe on the Internet?
  • Can the student become unruly in class?

What The Teacher Gets

  • Accurate picture of classroom diversity
  • Clear grasp of individual students' biological learning needs
  • Reasons for underachievement exposed
  • True needs of slow learners and 'gifted' students revealed
  • Communication with students and parents improved
  • Group work more successful
  • Team spirit enhanced
  • Student/teacher interaction improved
  • Better time management
  • Less stress: day-to-day and in one-off situations
  • Better results and more job satisfaction
  • A personalised report aimed at the teacher

What The Parent Gets

  • Understanding of your children's learning needs
  • Identifying reasons for underachievement
  • Liberating your child's full learning potential
  • A personalised report aimed at the parents