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LSA-Mini Complete

Benefits of purchasing the LSA Junior MINI

The LSA Junior MINI assessment tool has fewer questions than the LSA Junior. This makes it more attractive to young children, children with shorter concentrations spans and those whose home language is not English.

The results of the LSA Junior MINI assessment are identical to those of LSA Junior assessment, so no information is lost.

We recommend buying the edition that contains the Parent and Teacher reports, because they contain important information such as:

  • Is the student gifted?
  • Is the student underachieving academically?
  • Is the student safe on the Internet?
  • Can the student become unruly in class?

What The Teacher Gets

  • Accurate picture of classroom diversity
  • Clear grasp of individual students' biological learning needs
  • Reasons for underachievement exposed
  • True needs of slow learners and 'gifted' students revealed
  • Communication with students and parents improved
  • Group work more successful
  • Team spirit enhanced
  • Student/teacher interaction improved
  • Better time management
  • Less stress: day-to-day and in one-off situations
  • Better results and more job satisfaction
  • A personalised report aimed at the teacher

What The Parent Gets

  • Understanding of your children's learning needs
  • Identifying reasons for underachievement
  • Liberating your child's full learning potential
  • A personalised report aimed at the parents