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Learning Style Analysis


for Stress-Free Teaching

Barbara M. Prashnig, Emeritus Professor, MA

compiled by Dr Yvonne Walus

Now upgraded with extra information and available in full-colour

Every individual prefers to concentrate and absorb information in a different way, and their learning potential is vastly enhanced when they can do this in their favoured conditions. This manual will assist you, as a teacher or parent, to create the most appropriate study environment for every student, both at school and at home. (The LSA software will have already identified the individual preferences of your students, all you need to do is cater for them.)

In order for you to obtain maximum benefit from Learning and Teaching Style Analysis, we suggest the following approach:

  1. Read the recommendations included in the Learning Style Analysis Interpretation Manual and see how many of them you are able to implement.
  2. Analyse your own unique Teaching Style using the TSA software.
  3. Compare how closely your Teaching Style matches the Learning Styles of your students.
  4. Consider any areas that you wish to improve.


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