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Certified Users

The information that our Personal Assessment Software delivers is sufficient to provide a positive impact on the way you work, train, learn or teach. The results require little interpretation and can be acted upon by anyone to improve work or study performance.

However - as we know - we are what we practice. So in order to encourage and assist those people who have undertaken Working Styles or Learning Styles training, we have developed the Certified User programme.

How it works:

Anyone (working within an organisation, or individually) who has successfully completed at least a three-day Learning Styles Training or three-day Working Styles Certification with Creative Learning automatically becomes a Certified User. This status entitles to a discount on purchases of any quantity of WSA, TSA-Corp, LSA or TSA-Ed profiles.

Once your training is complete your account is updated with your Certified User status and you automatically enjoy the discounted rates. These rates will appear once you have logged in to My Account.