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Here, at Creative Learning, we are dedicated to the subject of learning. Learning in all its forms and in every environment; from formal settings to home study to the workplace. Our speciality is HOW we learn, before WHAT we learn.

When it comes to E-learning, we apply the same foundational principles as to every learning situation. That is, we recognise that everyone is different and we help people to be successful by showign them how to utilise those differences as strengths.

E-learning, or distance learning, or on-line learning, has being growing in usage at a massive rate in recent years. It is estimated that the current e-learning market is worth around US$1billion annually, with predictions that it will break the US$10 billion mark in less than 3 years.

Cisco Systems CEO, John Chambers, is quoted as saying:

"The next killer application on the Internet will be education. Education on the Internet is going to make email usage look like a rounding error."

So, it's big. And it's going to get bigger. However, not all experiences of computer-based learning are positive ones. The most often-cited reason for the failure of this type of pedagogy is - you guessed it - failure to recognise individual learning styles. Some people can interact with a computer screen and learn and some can't.

To find out whether your learning style is compatible with e-learning, please complete your Creative Learning LSA or WSA profile.

STOP PRESS: The application of Working and Learning Styles to the e-learning environment is ongoing at CLS. We have designed our first course "Introduction to Learning Styles" and will be releasing it shortly.

If you would like more information about e-learning in genreal or e-courses offered at CLS, - Contact CLS.