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WSA-Manager Combo

WSA Manager Combo

This tool assesses the following areas of your employee's work style:

  • Attitude towards authority
  • Motivation
  • Responsibility levels
  • Persistence in tasks
  • Communication style
  • Attention to details
  • Ability to see the big picture
  • Suitability to working shifts
  • Work style under stress
  • Information technology and computers
  • Aptitude for learning on the job
  • Reaction to changes

Two reports are available:

  • Manager report (addressing the manager of the employee who has undergone the assessment)
  • Employee report (addressing the employee)

The reports are grouped into a convenient ready-to-purchase package:

  • WSA Manager Combo

The report will provide colourful graphs and pie charts of the employee's strengths, flexibilities, adaptabilities and non-preferences. Specific, practical advice, including a self-enhancement action plan and a personal monitoring system, are included.

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