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Creative Learning's Personal Assessment Software is easy to use and available for individual or group use, on or off-line.

Either method offers full reporting functionality, group profiles, print or screen-based results and storage.

Human Diversity Applied

Contemporary business and educational practice increasingly recognises that working and learning styles, therefore productivity, are unique to each individual and influenced by a number of factors. These factors include social, physical, mental and behavioural influences and tendencies. Creative Learning (CLS) provides the only approach and range of test instruments, which analyse and profile the biological make-up and tendencies of an individual or group. These are the attributes we are born with, which are unlikely to change over a lifetime, and which can be optimised in any working or learning situation.

CLS's range of Personal Assessment Software can be easily incorporated into any work environment and used with any subject matter. Reports provide clear, actionable recommendations for each individual, or team to achieve optimum performance. Also, sufficient self-knowledge is generated for the change effected to be sustainable.

The software is offered as a tool for everyday use by anyone involved in teaching, training, managing or motivating people. Its use requires minimal training and is compatible with all modern business and educational best practice.

On-line Profiles

Upon registering you will access your own secure web pages using your username and password. From this page you are able to complete questionnaires and receive your profiles to view on screen, print, download as a PDF file or return and view later.

You can add more profiles at any time, and once you have 5 profiles or more of any product you can process group profiles of any combination of individuals.

Simply click My Account or Purchase at any time to begin.