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In this section you'll find a wealth of FREE resources to download. Apart from the Creative Learning Personal Assessment Software, these downloads are 'PDF' files and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print. If you don't already have Acrobat reader installed on you computer - download it for free from Adobe's website.

As described in the Products area, our assessment instruments can be processed either on- or off-line, by either completing an on-screen or paper-based questionnaire. On-screen: Simply log into your account, make sure you have an appropriate profile credit, and go to "Process a Profile". If you are processing more than one profile, please see our FAQ. Paper-based: Questionnaires for each Style Analysis can be downloaded for printing, photocopying and distribution. The summary scores can then be entered into the on or off-line programme and a Profile will be generated. Please note that you will need an appropriate profile credit in your account to complete this step.
LSA & WSA instruments reveal a person's biophysical makeup and conditioned style elements across these six key areas: Information Processing, Sensory Modalities, Physical Needs, Environmental Preferences, Social Aspects and Attitudes. They consist of a Profile Summary, Graphs showing natural and learned style elements, Learning & Working Style Tendencies plus an extensive Personal Report. WSA & TSA Profiles also have detailed Action Plans.
Group profiles are useful for teachers, team leaders, managers, church ministers, even home-schooling parents. They show the synergies of the group and how best to communicate your message to the members of the group. In conjunction with the LSA Manual, it is a powerful tool that allows lesson planning, training planning and team work planning.
If you have chosen to collect your results off-line, you can also download the Data Collection Software here too. Each download is user-friendly and includes a Help file to get you started with the minimum of fuss.