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Enhance educational success...

... by discovering how students learn best.

Every student has a uniquely different learning style: they learn, concentrate and process information in different ways.

Many educational profiling tools are available, but only the LSA reveals all a student's biophysical makeup and conditioned style elements across the six key areas in the Learning Style Pyramid Model:

  • Information Processing
  • Sensory Modalities
  • Physical Needs
  • Environmental Preferences
  • Social Aspects
  • Attitudes

LSA reveals ... each student's unique combination of style features.

LSA shows ... how to rearrange the learning environment to get better results.

LSA provides ... guidelines for helping students concentrate better and learn most successfully.

LSA adapts ... to the specific needs of three age groups -

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5 - 10 years
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7 - 13 years
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14 - 17 years
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16 - 18 years
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18 +