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Discover why so many people - ranging from large corporations and New Zealand managers to parents and Scandinavian educators - are using Creative Learning's unique solutions…

Prashnig Styles Solutions (a division of Creative Learning CLS) provides our customers with an assortment of resources to help them identify, respond to, and benefit from the richness of human diversity. In families, in classrooms, in workplaces, even in relationships, tools from Prashnig Styles Solutions are helping people reach their potential and discover their own uniqueness.

The scope of our Personal Assessment Software is wider than conventional psychometric testing or personality profiling, but our solutions cost less. Why? Because we want the benefits of diversity to be accessible to everyone: families devoted to their childrens' success, major corporates determined to generate the optimum return from their investment in people, small businesses wanting to increase productiveity and job satisfaction, schools committed to weeding out discipline issues, etc.

For more information on why our tools are superior to other assessment software found on the Internet, please click here.

The Creative Learning was founded with the vision of making the world a better place to learn and live. How?

By fulfilling our Mission to:

  • Communicate the meaning of "Creative Learning", "Style Diversity" and "Prashnig Style Solutions".
  • Transform education and corporate systems by using leading-edge training methods.
  • Empower people of any age using methods which will replace traditional learning methods.
  • Ensure these learning systems are accepted as the new standard in education and corporate training.